stretch [strech]
[ME strecchen < OE streccan, akin to Ger strecken < IE * sterg- < base * (s)ter-, to be stiff, rigid > STARE]
1. to hold out or reach out; extend [to stretch out a helping hand]
2. to cause (the body or limbs) to reach out to full length, as in yawning, relaxing, reclining, etc.
3. to pull or spread out to full extent or to greater size [to stretch sheets out to dry]
4. to cause to reach or extend over a given space, distance, or time [to stretch pipelines across a continent]
a) to cause to reach or extend farther or too far; force or strain
b) to strain in interpretation, application, scope, etc. to questionable or unreasonable limits [to stretch a rule, to stretch the truth]
6. to make tense or tight with effort; strain (a muscle, etc.)
7. Slang to knock down, esp. so as to cause to lie at full length
a) to spread or be spread out to full extent or beyond normal limits
b) to extend or continue over a given space, distance, direction, or time
c) to extend the body or limbs to full length, as in yawning or reaching for something
d) to lie down at full length: usually with out
2. to become stretched or be capable of being stretched to greater size, as any elastic substance
3. Jazz to perform a lengthy improvised solo: with out
1. a stretching or being stretched
a) an unbroken period; continuous space (of time) [over a stretch of ten days]
b) Slang a term served in prison under a sentence
3. the extent to which something can be stretched
4. an unbroken length, tract, or space; continuous extent or distance [a long stretch of beach]
a) any of the sections of a course or track for racing
b) short for HOMESTRETCH (sense 1)
6. a course or direction
7. a stretch limousine, airliner, etc.
8. an action or effort that exceeds someone's normal limits or powers
9. Baseball the act of bringing the hands together, as before the chest, and then lowering them and pausing before pitching the ball or attempting to pick off a base runner: cf. WINDUP (n. 2)
1. made of elasticized fabric so as to stretch easily and fit closely [stretch pants]
2. designating or of a vehicle, esp. a limousine, that has been customized by extending the passenger section to enlarge seating capacity

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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